Jan developed a passion for drums at an early age of 13 whilst learning trumpet at Primary music School in Czech Republic. Following an introduction to Jazz and Fusion by his first drum teacher, Jan enjoyed music from Buddy Rich and later artists such as Chick Corea, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl and many more. Now, based in Bristol, Jan continues to play many gigs with different bands and also providing session drumming, drum tuition and recording.

After many years of experience as a session drummer in its native Italy, Stefano’s passion for West African music ignited shortly after moving to the United Kingdom in 1992. At first fascinated by traditional Djembe and Dun-Dun drumming, eventually Stefano felt an irresistible calling for the Kora, a 22 stringed West African lute/harp, and proceeded to develop his own distinctive style inspired by the traditional Kora Griot repertoire.

He is a dancer and drummer from Dakar, Senegal is a fantastic performer who works regularly with with both contemporary and traditional styles. Also a keyboard player with a strong background of marimba, Oumar had established himself as a respected artist he has worked with highly respected names worldwide.


Playing the guitar since the age of 6, Ben committed to music as a career and set up a recording and teaching studio in Bristol called Artist Studios in 2007. From there he has worked with many bands and songwriters to record original music and to help other musicians achieve their goals whether on an amateur or professional level.

Priscilla has been working as a singer songwriter for 9 years. Being a prominent part of the festival and london circuit with her Jazz band which she began when she became fascinated with her experience of sound and its effect on her audience. Finding her passion of singing came about when she decided to challenge her fear of the stage which as a result changed her life forever.  For the last few years Priscilla has been touring and collaborating with producers and musicians in projects in India, Belgium, Vlieland, Kenya, Germany, Israel and Italy and continues to expand her styles and repertoire through exploration of different cultures, styles and techniques.

         Jan Jisa - Drum Kit

 Ben WJ Woodward - Electric Guitar

          Priscilla Andersohn - Vocals

"Have you noticed? When people are dancing they are always smiling and happy, whether it’s m’balax or swing or barndance. When people are dancing, they can’t be fighting. So... as the only thing worth working for is peace in the world, and as music is the only thing I can do half well, my contribution is to play the bass in a loud and exuberant way so as to make the people jump up and down. My background on the bass includes calypso and soca, jazz, funk and folk as well as studying African bass styles. My credentials in West African music include studying the djembé and other African instruments in UK and Senegal, Guinea, Mali and the Gambia."



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